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increasing the circulation of Qi, and the prevention and treatment of health ailments.
Xiang Gong, a fragrant Qi Gong, is very popular in Taiwan and China, because it's   very easy to learn, and only takes about 20 minutes to complete the whole exercise. Basic Xiang Gong is so easy to practice whether you are standing up or sitting down, that people can do it virtually anywhere and anytime: watching TV, listening to music, in the park, in an airplane, on a bus, where ever.

Even though Xiang Gong is a very simple exercise , it is extremely effective in reinforcing Qi, increasing the circulation of Qi, and the prevention and treatment of health ailments. During each exercise, you should feel your Qi getting stronger. Xiang Gong is an excellent way to cultivate your Qi and make you healthier.

In Chinese Medicine, Qi regulates the production of the human vital essence, thus the body and mind are greatly enhanced by cultivating your Qi. Chinese also believe Qi is not only related to good health, but also is linked to luck and fortune. When your Qi is powerful, you can conquer anything and gain success in your life.

The effectiveness of Xiang Gong has also been documented by many people with chronic disease and weakness. After practicing the Xiang Gong routine for a few months, their ailments were gone and their health had dramatically improved.

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