There are the acupressure points for relieving Acne, Pimple and Other Skin Problems. Working on these points can help you get better quicker. You do not have to use all of these points. Using just one or two of them whenever you have a free hand can be effective.

Points (A) — Heavenly Pillar
Location: One-half inch below the base of the skuIl on the ropy muscles one-half inch outward from either side of the spine. Benefits: Relieves stress related to skin disorders such as acne. Relieves stress, burnout, exhaustion, insomnia, heaviness in the head, eyestrain, stiff necks, and sore throats.

Points (B) & Points (C) — Sea of Vitality
Caution: Do not press on disintegrating discs or fractured or broken bones. If you have a weak back, a few minutes of stationary, light touching instead of pressure can be very healing. See your doctor first if you have any questions or need medical advice. Location: In the lower back (between the second and third lumbar vertebrae) two to four finger widths away from the spine at waist level. Benefits: Relieves acne, eczema, and bruises on the body.

Points (D) — Third Eye Point
Location: Directly between your eyebrows in the indentation where the bridge of the nose meets the center of the forehead. Benefits: Stimulates the pituitary gland, which is the master endocrine gland, to enhance the condition of the skin throughout the body.

Points (E) — Four Whites
Location: One finger width below the lower ridge of the eye socket in line with the center of the iris in an indentation of the cheek. Benefits: Remedies acne and facial blemishes.

Points (F) — Facial Beauty
Location: At the bottom of the cheekbone, directly below the pupil. Benefits: Relieves acne, facial blemishes, poor complexion, and sagging cheeks; and improves facial circulation.

Points (G) — Three Mile Point
Location: Four finger widths below the kneecap toward the outside of the shinbone. Benefits: Strengthens and tones the muscles and improves the condition of the skin throughout the entire body.

Points (H) — Heavenly Appearance
Location: In the indentation directly below the ear lobe and behind the jawbone. Benefits: Balances the thyroid gland to increase the luster of the skin; relieves hives.

Points (I) — Wind Screen
Location: In the indentation directly behind the ear lobe. Benefits: Balances the thyroid gland to increase the luster of the skin; relieves hives.

It’s important to drink plenty of warm water after the massage, to help clear away toxic substances in our body.

Caution: If you have a serious illness, or life-threatening illness such as heart disease, or cancer, please consult with your physician before practicing Acupressure.