HAPPY Herbal Tincture Kit

Depression & Anxiety Support

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• Tranquilizes and relaxes the mind
• Relieves mental distress, irritability, frightening, severe palpitation
• Cheers up the spirits
• Nourishes the blood
• Promotes the circulation of the blood
• Dispels heart-heat to stop insomnia, restlessness, frightening
• Reduces pain, headache and dizziness
• Invigorates the vital energy and the lung energy
• Helps the loss of consciousness and confusion of the mind due to mental disturbance
• Suppress liver-Yung for hyperactivity of liver-yang or liver-fire with headache, dizziness, restless and bad temper.

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HAPPY was formulated based on a classic Chinese Medicinal Herbal formula used throughout the China for centuries; It’s a safe product that has no side effects. It contains 8 the most precious and expensive herbs that can be found only at high-priced, high-quality herbal products.

A special blend of Chinese herbs tastefully combined in HAPPY. Taking the time out to savor a glass of drink mixes with HAPPY is a wonderful way to nourish your nerves and make you happy.

One of the ingredient, Cortex Albizziae, its Chinese name called, “Combine Double Happiness“, that does imply the effectiveness of this herb. In China, Lily Bulb is well known for its effects on calming the nervous system and increasing Qi to reduce depression. And let Wild Jujube Seed and Polygaae root help you to nourishes the heart, tranquilizes mind and reduce anxiety.

HAPPY will tranquilize the mind, relieve stress, anxiety and depression, calm your body to relax, and stop the headache. It is a wonderful way to nourish your nervous system, ease daily tensions, and soothe a restless mind.

Lily bulb
• Clearing away heart-fire to tranquilize the mind.
• Nourishes the lung
• Relieves cough
• Clearing away heart-fire to tranquilize the mind.
• Stops irritability, insomnia, palpitation, vague mind and dreaminess.

Cortex Alizziae
• Tranquilizes the mind.
• Relieves depression
• Relieves mental distress, irritability, frightening, severe palpitation, insomnia, dreaminess and amnesia.
• Cheers up the spirits.
• Promotes the circulation of the blood.
• Dissipates the carbuncles to stop the pain.
• Invigorates the blood and reduce swelling.

Grassleaved Sweet-flag Rhizome
Deprive dampness from the upper-jiao to restore energy.
• Reduces the felling of fullness and oppression in the chest and abdomen, anorexia, and fatigue.
• Induces resuscitation.
• Eliminates phlegm.
• Tranquilizes the mind.
• Cures the loss of consciousness and confusion of the mind due to mental disturbance.
• Regulates the functions of the stomach.

Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi)
• Tranquilizes the mind.
• Invigorates vital energy and blood.
• Increase heart energy.
• Eliminates phlegm.
• Decreases the level of blood sugar.

White Peony Root
• Nourishes the blood.
• Reinforces yin with astringent action.
• Calms the liver yang.
• Soothes the liver and alleviates pain.
• Regulates irregular menstruation
• Lowers the blood pressure.

Dahurian Angelica Root
• Stops headache, toothache and pain in the forehead and superciliary region.
• Expels wind to inducing diaphoresis to disperse cold
• Removes dampness to stop leukorrhea.
• Relieve carbuncle and drain pus.

Uncaria Stem
• Clears away liver-heat and improves visual acuity
• Suppress liver-Yung: for hyperactivity of liver-yang or liver-fire with headache, dizziness, restless and bad temper
• Lowers blood pressure.
• Dispels wind and clear heat

Agastachis Herba
• Transforms dampness
• Dispels summer-heat
• Stops vomiting.

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