Ever since ancient times, the mountains and rivers of the earth have served to nurture all living things. Human beings rely on natural resources to grow strong, to cure diseases and promote longevity, to carry on their family line, and to pursue health and beauty.  In ancient China, the Chinese people came to understand through thousands of years of experience that the way to health and beauty lay first in compliance with the course of nature and then in the consumption of natural foods. A proverb goes that Providence nurtures human beings with all things. The surrounding trees, flowers, and grass serve not only to entertain human beings, but also to make them grow strong and beautiful.

My late father Chen Sher worked as a Chinese medicine doctor in Taiwan for forty years. He once served as the chairman of Tainan Chinese Medicine Doctors Association. In his spare time, he was fond of collecting and studying health prescriptions as an auxiliary to his treatment of diseases or for the consumption of interested ladies and gentlemen to make them healthy and beautiful. His prescriptions vary widely in their effects. Some help improve physical qualities while others beautify and strengthen the human body. Each of them has its unique effect.

To keep them in existence, this book is compiled and published. I hereby write a preface.

Chao-hsiung Chen,
Editor of Dr. Chen’s Herbal Tea

Eldest son of Dr. Chen Sher
Chairman of Tainan City Lawyers Association