• Reduces hot flashes
• Eliminates wind to reduce pain, headache and dizziness
• Tranquilizes the mind by nourishing the heart
• Relieves mental distress, irritability, frightening, severe palpitation insomnia, dreaminess and amnesia.
• Stops insomnia, restlessness, frightening
• Releases menstruation disorders and pain
• Nourishes your yin
• Regulates the flow of Qi
• Cools and reduces heat and fever
• Stops headache and fever due to wind-heat
• Promotes blood circulation to maintain a normal metabolism

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GOOD TIME benefits the menopausal woman and helps to alleviate the classical menopausal symptoms of hot flashes, dizziness, headache, breathing difficulties, heart palpitations, and depression.

GOOD TIME was formulated based on a classic Chinese Medicinal Herbal formula used throughout the China for centuries; It’s a safe product that has no side effects. It contains 7 the most precious and expensive herbs that can be found only at high-priced, high-quality herbal products.

Chinese Angelica Root (Dong Guai)
• Nourishes the blood.
• Invigorates vital energy.
• Promotes the circulation of the blood.
• Regulates menstrual disorders, amenorrhea and menorrhalgia.
• Relieves blood-deficiency syndrome that characterized by sallow complexion, pale lips and tongue, dizziness, palpitation, pale on nails, etc.
• Regulate the flow of Qi.
• Moistens the bowels.

White Peony Root
• Nourishes the blood.
• Reinforces yin with astringent action.
• Calms the liver yang.
• Soothes the liver and alleviates pain.
• Regulates irregular menstruation
• Lowers the blood pressure.

Glossy Privet Berries
• Invigorates the liver and kidneys.
• Nourishes the hair from the inside out to rejuvenate its texture and shine.
• Promotes visual acuity.
• Tranquilizes the mind by nourishing the heart.
• Relieves mental distress, irritability, frightening, severe palpitation, insomnia, dreaminess and amnesia.
• Lower the level of blood lipid.

Wild Jujube Seed
• Nourishes and fortifies the heart.
• Tranquilizes and relaxes the mind.
• Replenishes the liver.
• Relieves vexation, insomnia, frightening, severe palpitation, dreaminess and amnesia.
• Stops sweating.

Anemarrhena rhizome
• Clears heat and reduce fire
• Nourishes yin and moisten dryness.

Chinese Red Sage Root
• Promotes the circulation of the blood, removes the blood stasis
• Nourishes the blood.
• Tranquilizes the mind.
• Dispels heart-heat to stop insomnia, restlessness, frightening.
• Eliminates wind to reduce pain, headache and dizziness.
• Releases menstruation disorders and pain.
• Cools the blood to relieve carbuncle.

Chrysanthemum Flower
• Cools and reduces heat and fever.
• Stop headache and fever due to wind-heat.
• Soothed the liver energy.
• Improves vision.
• Calms and reduces excitement, nervousness, and irritation.
• Clears away toxic substance.

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