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Female Fertility Tonic

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• Relieves ovulation disorders
• Increases fertility in women
• Strengthens the reproductive system
• Relieves sterility
• Nourishes the Yin energy
• Relieves chronic fatigue
• Promote sexual ability
• Invigorates vital energy to strengthen the body

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Epimedium Leaf (Horny goat weed)
• Excellent herbal aphrodisiac
• Increases sexual desire
• Strengthens the Yang-energy.
• Invigorates the kidneys to stop impotence, female sterility and frequent urination.
• Strengthens the tendons and bones.
• Expels wind-dampness.
• Eliminates phlegm.
• Relives cough and asthma.

• Promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis
• To promote urination and reduce edema
• Clears away toxic substance
• Lower blood pressure.

Chinese Angelica Root ( Dong Guai)
• Nourishes the blood.
• Invigorates vital energy.
• Promotes the circulation of the blood.
• Regulates menstrual disorders, amenorrhea and menorrhalgia.
• Relieves blood-deficiency syndrome that characterized by sallow complexion, pale lips and tongue, dizziness, palpitation, pale on nails, etc.
• Regulate the flow of Qi.
• Moistens the bowels.

Morindae Radix
• Strengthens the Yang-energy.
• Invigorates the kidneys to stop impotence, female sterility and frequent urination.
• Strengthens the tendons and bones.
• Expels cold and dampness.
• Relieves chronic rheumatism with arthralgia, fatigue and pale tongue.
• Increases sexual desire.

Ginseng Radix
• Invigorates vital energy and relieve collapse-syndrome.
• Regulates your pulse, prevents against fainting.
• Tranquilizes and relaxes the mind and improves the mental power.
• Energizes spleen and lung energy.
• Promotes the production of body fluid to quench thirst.

Glossy Privet Berries
• Invigorates the liver and kidneys.
• Nourishes the hair from the inside out to rejuvenate its texture and shine.
• Promotes visual acuity.
• Tranquilizes the mind by nourishing the heart.
• Relieves mental distress, irritability, frightening, severe palpitation, insomnia, dreaminess and amnesia.
• Lower the level of blood lipid.

Fructus Rubi
• Strengthens the kidneys to preserves the vital energy.
• Relieves impotence due to kidney deficiency.
• Relieves micturition.
• Promotes visual acuity.
• Possessing an estrogen-like effect.


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