Antler (Lujiao)

Antler (Lujiao), Antler glue (Lujiaojiao) and Deglued antler powder (Lujiaoshuang)

Antler (Lujiao) is the ossified horn of a deer. Its taste is salty, its property warm. It enters the liver and kidney meridians. It tonifies the kidneys and strengthens yang. Although a weaker substitute for Pilose antler (Lurong), Antler (Lujiao) does invigorate the blood and reduce swelling. It is indicated for boils, ulcers, swelling, mastitis, pain due to blood stagnation and pain of tendons, bones and lower back. The recommended dosage is 5-10 g. Antler (Lujiao) is contraindicated during yin deficiency with excessive fire.

Antler glue (Lujiaojiao) is made from mature deer antlers. It is sweet, salty and warm, and enters the liver and kidney meridians, replenishing blood and essence and stopping bleeding. Antler glue (Lujiaojiao) is indicated for weakness of the body, vomiting, epistaxis, uterine bleeding, blood in the urine and yin boils. The recommended dosage is 5-10 g.

Deglued antler powder (Lujiaoshuang) is the residue from the process of preparing soft extract by cooking the deer horn for a long time. The astringent action of this substance is similar to that of Antler (Lujiao) but is less effective. Clinically, it is used mainly in cases of deficient kidney yang, deficiency and cold in the spleen and stomach, vomiting, poor appetite, frigidity, uterine bleeding, leukorrhagia, hemorrhage due to external injury, boils and ulcers. The recommended dosage is 10-15 g.

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