Ark Shell (Wa Leng Zi)

Ark shell (Walengzi)

Pharmaceutical Name: Concha Arcae

Zoological Name: 1. Arca granosa L.; 2. Arca subcrenata Lischke; 3. Arca inflata Reeve

Common Name: Ark shell

Source of Earliest Record: Mingyi Bielu

Part Used: The shells are collected from the sea when the tide is out. After the flesh is removed, the shell is dried and ground into powder.

Natural Properties & Taste: Salty and neutral

Meridians: Lung, stomach and liver

Therapeutic Effects:
1. To resolve phlegm and stagnation.
2. To soften hardness and disperse nodules

1. Scrofula and goiter. Ark shell (Walengzi) is used with Seaweed (Haizao) and Laminaria (Kunbu).

2. Stomach pain and acid regurgitation. Ark shell (Walengzi) is used with Cuttlefish bone (Wuzeigu).

3. Subcutaneous nodules. Ark shell (Walengzi) is used with Burreed tuber (Sanleng), Zedoary (Ezhu) and Turtle shell (Biejia).

Dosage: 10-30 g

Cautions & Contraindications: The raw substance is used for nodules; the baked substance is better for treating acid regurgitation and pain.

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