Datura Flower (Yang Jin Hua)

Datura flower (Yangjinhua)

Pharmaceutical Name: Flos Daturae

Botanical Name: Datura metel L.

Common Name: Datura flower, Jimson weed

Source of Earliest Record: Bencao Gangmu

Part Used: The flowers are gathered in the period from April to November, and then they are dried in the sun.

Natural Properties & Taste: Pungent, warm and toxic

Meridians: Heart, lung and spleen

Therapeutic Effects:
To stop asthma.

1. Asthma manifested as cough with no sputum and stifling sensation in the chest. Datura flower (Yangjinhua) is used to roll a “cigarette” which is lighted and which the patient sniffs.

2. Epigastric and abdominal pain, wind-damp obstruction pain and pain due to external injuries. Datura flower (Yangjinhua) is used alone or with Chuanxiong rhizome (Chuanxiong) and Tetrandra root (Fangji).

Dosage: 0.3-0.6 g

Cautions & Contraindications: This herb is toxic. It is contraindicated during glaucoma and should be used with caution in cases of weakness of the body and hypertension, and in children and pregnant women.

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