Honeysuckle Flower (Jin Yin Hua)


Honeysuckle flower (Jinyinhua)

Pharmaceutical Name: Flos Lonicerae

Botanical Name: 1. Lonicera japonica Thunb. L.. 2. Lonicera hypoglauca Miq.. 3. Lonicera confusa DC.. 4. Lonicera dsystyla Rehd.

Common Name: Honeysuckle flower, Lonicera flower

Source of Earliest Record: Mingyi Bielu

Part Used: The flower buds are gathered in the beginning of summer and dried in the shade.

Natural Properties & Taste: Sweet and cold

Meridians: Lung, stomach and large intestine

• Detoxicate. Clears away toxic substances.
• Kills or inhibits the action of germs.
• Cools and reduces fever and heat.
• Reduces ulcers, swell, sore throat, skin infection.
• Clears the lungs and strengthens general health.

Functions : To clear heat and release toxins

1. Febrile diseases: a) exogenous pathogenic heat at the defensive and qi levels manifested as fever, thirst, slight aversion to wind and cold and sore throatHoneysuckle flower (Jinyinhua) is used with Forsythia fruit (Lianqiao) and Arctium fruit (Niubangzi). b) exogenous pathogenic heat at the qi level manifested as high fever, extreme thirst and surging, big pulseHoneysuckle flower (Jinyinhua) is used with Gypsum (Shigao) and Anemarrhena rhizome (Zhimu). c) exogenous pathogenic heat at the nutritive and blood levels manifested as maculopapule that appears as a dull, deep red and dry tongue, irritability and insomnia. Honeysuckle flower (Jinyinhua) is used with Moutan bark (Mudanpi) and Fresh rehmannia root (Shengdihuang).

2. Boils, carbuncles and furuncles. Honeysuckle flower (Jinyinhua) is used alone or is combined with Dandelion herb (Pugongying), Chrysanthemum flower (Juhua) and Forsythia fruit (Lianqiao).

3. Toxic heat diarrhea. Honeysuckle flower (Jinyinhua) is used with Coptis root (Huanglian) and Pulsatilla root (Baitouweng).

Dosage: 10-15 g

Cautions & Contraindications: This herb can be applied externally.

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