Honeysuckle Stem (Ren Dong Teng)


Honeysuckle stem (Rendongteng)

The tender stems of lonicera japonica thunb have properties and taste similar to that of the flower, and are gathered in autumn or winter. The combination of Honeysuckle stem (Rendongteng), Forsythia fruit (Lianqiao) and Dandelion herb (Pugongying) is indicated for boils, carbuncles and furuncles. The combination of Honeysuckle stem (Rendongteng), Mulberry twigs (Sangzhi) and Chaenomeles fruit (Mugua) is used for wind-heat-damp arthralgia manifested as red, hot, painful and swollen joints with motor impairment.

The dosage for medical use is 16-20 g.

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