Palm-Leaf Raspberry Fruit (Fu Pen Zi)


Fructus Rubi (Fuh Pern Tzyy )

Pharmceutical Name: Radix Rubiae

Source: Fruit of Rubus Chingii Hu, family Rosaceae.

• Strengthens the kidneys to preserves the vital energy.
• Relieves impotence due to kidney deficiency.
• Relieves micturition.
• Promotes visual acuity.

(a). Benefit the kidney, preserve essence and decrease micturition: For kidney deficiency manifested as nocturnal emision, enuresis and frequent micturition, for impotence due to kidney deficiency.
(b). Promote visual acuity: For blurring of vision due to deficiency of liver and kidney.

Pharmacological Actions: Possessing an estrogen-like effect.

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