Shave Grass (Mu Zei)


Shave grass (Muzei)

Pharmaceutical Name: Herba Equiseti hiemalis

Botanical Name: Equisetum hiemale L.

Common Name: Shave grass, Scouring rush

Source of Earliest Record: Jiayou Bencao

Part Used: The whole plant is gathered in summer and cut into pieces after the fibrous roots have been removed.

Natural Properties & Taste: Sweet and bitter and neutral

Meridians: Lung and liver

Therapeutic Effects:
1. To dispel wind and clear heat.
2. To brighten eyes and remove visual obstructions.

3. To stop bleeding.

1. Wind-heat exterior syndrome or wind and heat in the liver meridian manifested as red eyes, excessive tearing, blurred vision and corneal opacity. Shave grass (Muzei) is used with Cicada slough (Chantui), Pipewort (Gujingcao), Prunella spike (Xiakucao) and Tribulus fruit (Baijili).

2. Hemorrhoidal bleeding. Shave grass (Muzei) is used with Scutellaria root (Huangqin) and Burnet root (Diyu).

Dosage: 3-10 g

Cautions & Contraindications: This herb should be used with caution during pregnancy.

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