Spirodela (Fu Ping)


Spirodela (Fuping)

Pharmaceutical Name: Herba spirodelae

Botanical Name: Spirodela polyrrhiza (L.) Schield.

Common Name: Spirodela, Duckweed

Source of Earliest Record: Shennong Bencao Jing

Part Used: The whole plant is gathered in summer, cleaned and dried in the sun.

Natural Properties & Taste: Pungent and cold

Meridians: Lung and urinary bladder

Therapeutic Effects:
1. To promote sweating and release the exterior.
2. To bring measles rash to the surface and relieve itching.

3. To remove water and reduce swelling.

1. Wind-heat type of exterior syndrome. Spirodela (Fuping) is used with Schizonepeta (Jingjie), Mentha (Bohe) and Forsythia fruit (Lianqiao).

2. Measles without full expression of rash. Spirodela (Fuping) is used with Mentha (Bohe), Arctium fruit (Niubangzi) and Cicada slough (Chantui).

3. Wind-heat type of incomplete rashes and itching of the skin. Spirodela (Fuping) is used with Mentha (Bohe) and Arctium fruit (Niubangzi).

4. Edema and difficult urination accompanied by exterior syndrome. Spirodela (Fuping) can be mashed and taken alone.

Dosage: 3-10 g

Cautions & Contraindications: This herb is contraindicated in cases with weak constitution and spontaneous sweating.

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