Tamarisk Tops (Cheng Liu)


Tamarisk tops (Chengliu)

Pharmaceutical Name: Cacumen Tamaricis

Botanical Name: Tamarix chinensis Lour.

Source of Earliest Record: Kaibao Bencao

Common Name: Tamarisk tops

Part Used: The leaves are gathered in May and June when the plant flowers, dried in the sun and cut into pieces.

Natural Properties & Taste: Pungent and neutral

Meridians: Lung, stomach and heart

Therapeutic Effects:
To promote sweating and bring the rash to the surface

I ndications & Combinations: Early stage of measles due to attack of wind and cold manifested as measles without a rash. Tamarisk tops (Chengliu) is used with Arctium fruit (Niubangzi) and Cicada slough (Chantui) in the formula Zhuye Liu Bang Tang.

Dosage: 3-10 g

Cautions & Contraindications: This herb is contraindicated in measles with a rash. A large dosage can cause restlessness.

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