Make Your Tinctures
• Promotes prostate health
• Improves microcirculation
• Alleviates swelling and chronic inflammation
• Inhibits the growth of bacteria
• Relieves pain
• Supplies zinc element
• Inhibits the growth of granuloma
• Inhibits the proliferation of fibrous tissue
• Regulates urination
• Promots blood circulation by removing blood stasis
• Clears away heat and treats stranguria to release the pain in Prostate Gland

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MATADOR was formulated based on a classic Chinese Medicinal Herbal formula used throughout the China for over centuries, It’s a safe product that has no side effects. It contains 7 the most precious and expensive herbs that can be found only at high-priced, high-quality herbal products.

This special blend of MATADOR can greatly improve your prostate health, help alleviate swelling and inflammation of the prostate, and relieves certain problems known as Chronic Prostatitis, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), Varicocele.

If you have been suffering the following main symptoms, MATADOR is just what you need.
• Frequency of urination, urgency of urination
• Inability to empty bladder completely
• Pain and tenesmus sensation in perineal area, lower abdomen and lumbosacral portion
• Burning sensation in the urethra
• Wetness of scrotum
• Tenderness (touch pain) and inflammatory nodule in prostate

Persicae Semen
• Promotes blood circulation
• Remove blood stasis
• Relieves carbuncle
• Stop cough and relieve asthma
• Moisten the intestines and relaxes the bowels.

Red peony Root
• Clear heat and cool blood
• Promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis
• Reduce swelling
• Clear away live-fire to calm the mind

Dahurian Angelica Root
• Stops headache, toothache and pain in the forehead and superciliary region.
• Expels wind to inducing diaphoresis to disperse cold
• Removes dampness to stop leukorrhea.
• Relieve carbuncle and drain pus.

Astragali Radix
• Increases your Qi.
• Lifts the sunken Yang.
• Invigorates vital energy to strengthen the body.
• Relieves skin infection and promotes tissue regeneration.
• Relieves edema.
• Tonics(strengthens and reinforces) the spleen.

Asparagi Radix
• Nourishes your yin.
• Clears away heat.
• Tonics the lungs and kidneys.

Pyrrosia leaf
• Promotes water metabolism
• Regulates abnormal urination
• Clear away lung-heat
• Eliminates phlegm
• Relieves cough and asthma
• Cools the blood and stops bleeding.

Spica Prunellae
• Clear away liver-fire.
• Stop dizziness, headache, and fever due to wind-heat.
• Soothed the liver energy.
• Calms and reduces excitement, nervousness, and irritation.
• Eliminates phlegm and disperse stagnation.
• Reduces swelling of lymph glands.
• Relieves jaundice.

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