FOREVER YOUNG Anti-Aging Beauty Supplement


All Natural Organic Herbs

• Turn back your body's biological time clock
• Removes wrinkles
• Restores hair growth
• Boost the immune system
• Strengthen the body
• Prevents and heals cellular damage
• Replenishes vital energy
• Improves sleep, vision, and memory
• Revitalizes your skin
• Nourishes blood

60 Vegetarian Capsules

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FOREVER YOUNG Anti-Aging Beauty Supplement with Organic Jilin Ginseng

It is ideal for people who feel sluggish, and desire more vitality and passion in their life. After taking this tea continuously for one month, you will have more strength against the fatigue and common cold. After taking it regularly, you will look and feel younger and more energetic.


Organic White Jilin Ginseng
• Decreasing the harmful effects of stress
• Increasing stamina
• Improving memory
• Fighting diseases
• Enhancing immunity
• Prevents and heals cellular damage
• Promotes endurance
• Relieving fatigue
• Accelerating blood circulation
• Improving memory
• Anti-oxidation
• Blood cleanser and detoxifier
• Male aphrodisiac and fertility
• Regulates blood pressure
• Increases circulation
• Helps the Body’s Resistance to Stress
• Supports Libido and Proper Male Function

Organic Codonopsis Root (Dang Shen)
• Reduce chronic fatigue
• Boost the immune system
• Lower blood pressure
• Physical exhaustion after surgery
• Body bloating and facial swelling due to edema
• Protect cancer patients against side effects of radiation treatment
• Treat HIV infection
• Treat weakness, loss of appetite
• Help with many forms of heart disease
• Reduce inflammation

Organic Astragalus Root
• Anti-aging herb
• Reduce chronic fatigue
• lower cholesterol
• improve the immune system
• prevent cancer
• Slows or Prevents the Growth of Tumors
• Protects the Cardiovascular System
• Acts as an Anti-Inflammatory
• prevent heart disease, cancer, and immunodeficiency viruses
• capabilities of antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory capabilities
• Improve circulation in flesh and skin
• Tonify primordial energy

Astragalus root is one of the most powerful immune-building plants on the earth. Compounds from the roots have been shown to slow the aging process in animal cells by helping to preserve the length of telomeres at the ends of chromosomes. Long telomere length has been associated with human longevity. Astragalus promotes the production of white blood cells, helps the body produce antibodies and interferon to fight infections.

Organic Poria Root
• Induces diuresis
• Increases the secretion and flow of urine
• Induces diuresis
• Expels dampness
• Invigorates vital energy to strengthen the body
• Invigorates the spleen
• Tranquilizes and relaxes the mind for nervousness, restlessness, anxiety
• Strengthens the spleen and harmonizes the middle burner
• Increases production of white blood cells and prevents leukemia, tumor and cancer cells from developing and spreading

Organic Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)
• Immune-strengthening
• Liver protective and stress-relieving
• Improves circulation
• Protective against radiation, free radicals, and other environmental stress
• Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
• Maintain normal blood sugar
• Helps defend against tumor growth and cancer
• Improves liver function and detoxification
• Promotes heart health and balances blood pressure
• Fights allergies and asthma
• Reduces risk for infections and viruses

Organic Rhodiola Root
• Adaptogenic Herb
• Anti-aging
• Boosts energy levels
• Prevent fatigue & stress
• Enhances immune system function
• Protects heart health
• Relieves stress
• Relieves depression
• Prevents cancer
• Increase sexual energy
• Anti-inflammatory
• Antioxidant

Organic Fo-Ti Root
• Anti-aging
• Tonify liver and kidney energy
• Remove toxin
• Disperse abscesses
• Darken gray hair,
• Help premature graying and hair loss
• Reduce dizziness (tinnitus) with ringing in the ears.
• Anti-rheumatic, reduce limb numbness, lower back and knee soreness or weakness
• Strengthen sinew and bone
• Promote male and female fertility
• Nourishes blood
• Build bone marrow
• Nourishes blood
• Reduce high cholesterol and other elevated blood fats
• Expels wind-dampness
• Relieve constipation by moistening the intestines to relax the bowels

Organic Asparagi Root
• Nourishing yin
• Clearing fluid retention in the lungs
• Moistening the lung
• Relieves coughing
• Relieves sticky phlegm, and dry throat
• Relieves dry throat
• Moistening the lung
• Promotes the secretion of saliva

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