• Love Herbal Ticture Kit



Handmade Herbal Tincture Kit

• Performs well for both men and women
• Dramatically increases sexual desire and arousal.
• Increases possibility to reach orgasm in women
• Increases intensity of orgasm
• Helps to overcome sexual dysfunction naturally
• Natural aphrodisiac
• Boosts sexual vitality
• Enhances sexual performance
• Stronger, more powerful climaxes
• Enables women to enjoy greater sex

Product Description

Guaranteed Quality and Freshness – When we receive your order, we then proceed to handpick the finest herbs that we can find. Our herbs are Organic and Lab-tested whenever possible, this process ensures the premium quality of our ingredients.

LOVE Herbal Tincture Kit

LOVE enhances your sexual pleasure, boosts your sexual desire and energy. We have developed a safe and unique natural formula that makes your sexual energy explode!

LOVE is based on a classic Chinese Medicinal Herbal formula used throughout the China for centuries; It’s a safe product that has no side effects. You can be assured that you are getting only the best sex enhancer available.

LOVE can dramatically increase your desire to have sex. This is the result of a unique herbal blend consisting of only the most powerful, effective, and scientifically documented Chinese herbal sex enhancers on the market.

By invigorating the vital energy to increase libido, stop impotence, stimulating blood flow to the organs, LOVE can help you overcome erectile dysfunction, low sex drive without a prescription and without the use of harsh or dangerous medications.

LOVE contains the most precious and expensive ingredients that can be found only at high-priced herbal products, including • Ginseng Radix • Morindae Radix • Schisandra Fruit • Fructus Rubi • Chinese Dodder • Mulberry Fruit • White Peony Root • Red Zizyphi Fruit that are said to work synergistically together to strengthen and tone the sexual glands and support the healthy production of sex hormones.

Natural aphrodisiac LOVE performs well for men and women!! It’s a treat for both you and your partner!!

Guaranteed Quality and Freshness – When we receive your order, we then proceed to handpick the finest herbs that we can find. Our herbs are Organic and Lab-tested whenever possible, this process ensures the premium quality of our ingredients.

First Extraction
★ You will harvest about 200ml to 300ml of intense tincture from the first extraction, it’s about 6-8 bottles of 1 oz. (30ml) glass bottles. Learn more about How to Make Herbal Tinctures?

Second Extraction
“JUST ADD VODKA” series contains very expensive herbs, so do not trash the herbs. You can use it for second time, leave the Vodka for one month during the second extraction, then discard the herbs before drinking.


Organic White Jilin Ginseng – Organic
• Invigorates vital energy and relieve collapse-syndrome.
• Regulates your pulse, prevents against fainting.
• Tranquilizes and relaxes the mind and improves the mental power.
• Energizes spleen and lung energy.
• Promotes the production of body fluid to quench thirst.

Morindae Radix – Lab Tested
• Strengthens the Yang-energy.
• Invigorates the kidneys to stop impotence, female sterility and frequent urination.
• Strengthens the tendons and bones.
• Expels cold and dampness.
• Relieves chronic rheumatism with arthralgia, fatigue and pale tongue.
• Increases sexual desire.

Organic Schisandra Fruit – Organic
• Reinforces vital energy.
• Promotes the production of body fluid.
• Invigorates the kidneys energy to preserve essence.
• Nourishes the heart and tranquilizes the mind.
• Stops the chronic diarrhea.
• Acts as an astringent to the lung.
• Protects the liver from damage.

Fructus Rubi – Lab Tested
• Strengthens the kidneys to preserves the vital energy.
• Relieves impotence due to kidney deficiency.
• Relieves micturition.
• Promotes visual acuity.

Chinese Dadder Seed – Lab Tested
• Nourishing the liver and kidney.
• Invigorates vital energy to strengthen the body.
• Soothes the fetus.
• Improves visual acuity.
• Strengthening the spleen to relieve diarrhea.
• Relieves anemia and chyluria.

Mulberry Fruit – Lab Tested
• Nourishes the blood.
• Replenishes vital essence.
• Lifts the sunken Yang.
• Tonics the Yin.
• Moisturizes dryness.
• Soothe the anemia, neurasthenia, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and constipation.

White Peony Root – Lab Tested
• Nourishes the blood.
• Reinforces yin with astringent action.
• Calms the liver yang.
• Soothes the liver and alleviates pain.
• Regulates irregular menstruation
• Lowers the blood pressure.

Organic Red Zizyphi Fruit – Organic
• Replenishes qi in the middle jiao (spleen and stomach
• Nourishes the blood and soothe the mind
• Moderates the action of herbs.


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