Herbal tinctures is a better way to do herbs than herbal tablets. First of all, it is very cost effective. It’s easy to prepare, last long and you can control the quality. It is also helpful to actually taste the herbs. The brain begins responding to the subtle flavors of the plants. Sipping a glass of drink mixes with our herbal tinctures will provides a sense of warmth, comfort and deep relaxation. Read more…

Guaranteed Quality and Freshness – We handpick all the herbs for your tincture kits after we receive you order, we use only organic or Lab-tested herbs whenever possible to insure the best quality.

Back Pain Relieving Tea

This is an inflammation reducing blend, and it’ll help to [...]

Introduction of Dr. Chen herbal formulas

Preface Ever since ancient times, the mountains and rivers of [...]

About Dr. Chen’s herbal tea formulas

About Dr. Chen's herbal tea formulas In 1903, Dr. Chen, [...]

Eliminate Pimples Herbal Tea

This eliminate pimples herbal tea helps reduce pimples and blemishes [...]

Beautiful Hair Herbal Tea

This beautiful hair herbal tea rejuvenates your hair to restore [...]

Anti-Wrinkles Herbal Tea

This anti-wrinkles herbal tea helps eliminates wrinkles and moisturizes your [...]

Radiant Complexion Herbal Tea

This for a radiant complexion herbal tea helps your body [...]

Return to Youth Herbal Tea

This return to youth herbal tea helps you return to [...]

Younger Looking Skin Herbal Tea

This younger looking skin herbal tea will help you turn [...]

Anti-aging Herbal Tea

This anti-aging herbal tea will make you look and feel [...]

Everyday Remedy for Gaining Vital Energy

This everyday remedy will invigorates vital energy to strengthen body's immune [...]

Increase Sexual Ability Herbal Tea

This increase sexual ability herbal tea strengthen the Yang energy. [...]

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Over 100+ herbal recipes, Learn how to use natural healing herbs for you and your family.  And activate body’s self-healing power with 150+ Acupressure Massage .

How to Apply Acupressure

2 Basic Acupressure Techniques Pressing Techniques: Position your finger directly [...]

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method that involves applying [...]

Acupressure Point ST40

Name: Feng Long Chinese Name: 豐隆 Location: 8 finger width [...]

Acupressure Point Liver Point

Name: Liver Point Location: on the right side, 2 body [...]

Acupressure Point GV3 (also known as DU-3)

Name: Yao Yang Guan Chinese Name: 腰陽關 Location: below the [...]

Acupressure Point GV20 (also known as DU-20)

Name: Bai Hui Chinese Name: 百會 Location: center of the [...]

Acupressure Point Dingchuan

Name: Ding Chuan Chinese Name: 定喘 Location: 0.5 body inch [...]

Acupressure Point ST36

Name: Zu San Li (Leg Three Miles) Chinese Name: 足三里 [...]